Welcome to SMC 2020

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Welcome to the 17th Sound and Music Computing Conference/XXIII Colloquio di Informatica Musicale Joint Conference!

Torino, Italy 20-26th June 2020

The theme of SMC2020 is Imaging sound

The SMC2020/CIM XXIII joint conference and the SMC Summer School will be organized by three institutions from Torino, Italy: University, Polytechnic School and Conservatorio di Musica “G. Verdi”. 

The main scientific program will take place from June 24th until June 26th, 2020, in the newly established Cavallerizza Reale, University of Torino. 

CIM will take place in the same venue from June 22nd to June 24th 2020June 24th is the joint day of SMC2020 and CIM XXIII.

The SMC Summer School will be arranged before the SMC conference from Saturday June 20th until Tuesday June 24th, at the Polytechnic School.

The SMC/CIM joint main music programranging from June 22nd  to June 26th, will be held at the Conservatorio di Torino, music “off” events and social events are planned.

The main theme is Imaging sound and is meant to address the relationship between (moving) image and sound via the many expressive and technological relations that the two entertain in audiovisual and multimedia contexts. Imaging sound thus involves both the need to model sound in relation to multimedia content and, vice versa, the possibility of shaping those contents on audio features.

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