Call for Music


The SMC/CIM 2020 organizing committee announces a call for musical/sonic/media works for the joint 17th SMC Conference (Sound and Music Computing) and XXIII CIM (Colloquium of Musical Informatics), hosted from June 20th to 26th in Torino, Italy.

Call for works

Composers, performers and multimedia artists are invited to submit works in the following categories:

  1. compositions for piano and electronics (C1)
  2. compositions for string quartet and electronics (C2)
  3. compositions for instruments and electronics (C3)
  4. compositions for electroacoustic fixed media (C4)
  5. interactive mixed media performances (C5)
  6. original electroacoustic sound tracks for silent movies (C6)
  7. audio-video and multimedia installations (C7)

C1. Piano and electronics

Compositions for piano and fixed media and/or live electronics will be accepted.

C2. String quartet and electronics

Only compositions for the whole string quartet (two violins, viola and cello), plus fixed media and/or live electronics, will be accepted.

C3. Instruments and electronics

Scores employing from one up to any combination of the following instruments including the whole ensemble, with fixed media and/or live electronics, will be accepted:

• flute
• clarinet
• trombone
• violin
• cello
• percussion
• harp

For sections C1, C2 and C3 scores have to be submitted as PDF documents complemented by fixed media audio files and/or live electronics chart documentation. Composers will be in charge of the sound projection and the control of the live electronics.

C4. Electroacoustic fixed media

The audio of the complete work must be submitted in stereo format, even for multichannel works. It will be possible to project on the whole 8-channel system works composed for smaller channel configurations.  

C5. Interactive mixed media performances

Interactive performances involving new interfaces, instruments, mixed media and electro-acoustic devices will be considered. The documentation of the project must be precisely and thoroughly detailed. Submitters are entirely in charge of any aspect of the realisation of their performance. Technical requests have to be evaluated by the organisation.  

For all categories from C1 until C5, the length of the submitted works may not exceed 10 minutes.

C6. Original electroacoustic sound tracks for silent movies

Composers and sound artists are invited to submit original stereo
fixed-media soundtracks for short silent films to be shown Cinema
Massimo 1, Museo Nazionale del Cinema.
Films must be chosen from the following list:

Il duello dei paurosi (Itala Film, 1908)

Fricot e l'estintore (Ambrosio, 1913)
Buon anno! (Ambrosio, 1909)
Il duello di Robinet (Ambrosio, 1910)

Butalin fa i suoi comodi (Ambrosio, 1912)

Le spectre rouge (Pathé, 1907) 

Per l’onore della marmitta (Itala Film, 1912)

Il cavallo del reggimento (Itala, 1911)

Più forte che Sherlock Holmes (Itala Film, 1913)

Robinet chauffeur miope (Ambrosio, 1914)

I bottoni delle bretelle (Itala Film, 1912)

La moda vuole l’ala larga (Itala Film, 1912)

Totò senz’acqua (Itala Film, 1911)

Attenti alla vernice (Itala Film, 1912)

Al cinematografo guardate e non toccate! (Itala Film,1912) 

Lea e il gomitolo (Cines, 1913)

Cretinetti troppo bello! (Itala Film, 1909)

Madamigella Robinet (Ambrosio, 1913)

Download URLs for the films will be provided on request by writing to
Submissions must be in the form of a video file with the original video
(not to be modified) including the proposed audio.
Original video quality is to be preserved in the submitted file, as it
will be used for cinema projection.

C7. Sound Installations

We invite the submission of sound installations to be presented in one of the designated areas for the duration of the conference. Basic video projection and sound reinforcement equipment will be provided. Artists will be responsible for bringing all the other necessary equipment.

The call is open to all composers regardless of nationality, age or career stage.

All the works must be submitted in electronic format through the SMC/CIM 2020 Easychair website click here. All the audio, video and other non-pdf files must be uploaded in high quality on a permanent storing service (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) or a streaming platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud), and provide the unlisted URLs in the submission form.

Please note that no more than one work per composer will be programmed. For all categories, attendance of the artists to the conference is strictly required, as they will be in charge of the sound projection, control of the live electronics and everything related. In case of absence, the performance of the work will be cancelled. For each concert, a rehearsal session will be scheduled.

Important dates for call for music:

Opening of the Easychair portal for submissions: January 15, 2020
Music submission deadline: March 1, 2020 EXTENSIONS:

  • categories C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7: new deadline --> March 8, 2020
  • categories C6 (original electroacoustic sound tracks for silent movies): new deadline --> March 30, 2020

Notification to authors (music contributions):  April 15, 2020